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I'm Terry J Walker, a lover of  painting, designing fabric, & making little posters. I'd love to share my stuff with you.


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Walker Park Creative

October 1st!


Walker Park Creative

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Repeating Pattern

Creating a Surface Pattern Design 

Fabric Design

Welcome to my wild world of creativity.
I am currently obsessed with painting ferns and creating fabric designs 
inspired by a kaleidoscope of colorful flowers and plants that grow in Hawaii.   
If you love being outside awed by nature's beauty you are in the right place!
I believe surrounding yourself with beauty in your home, workplace and outdoors
creates an environment of everyday beautiful...and we all could use some of that!

Hello, nice to meet you!

Welcome to Walker Park Creative

Imagine living in a tropical rain forest,
immersed in a rainbow of plants and flowers.
This is Walker Park, my home, and the deep inspiration for my art.
It is a place of fierce beauty and intense volcanic energy.
Being here is being open to the life force of this land and the ocean around it.
It is a constant and relentless pulsing and awakening of creativity.
     Striving to bring this essence into form through art and design is one of the goals of Walker Park Creative. Connecting these influences from the wild
into objects of everyday beauty is a challenge and a joy!
Walker Park Creative is my place of business where
all my artistic endeavors and explorations come alive.
It is a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary,
and where life, art and magic converge
into everyday beautiful!

If you have a request, comment or question, I would love to hear from you.


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