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I'm Terry J Walker, a lover of  painting, designing fabric, & making little posters. I'd love to share my stuff with you.


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Walker Park Creative


Walker Park Creative

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Repeating Pattern

Creating a Surface Pattern Design 

Fabric Design

 Hello! Welcome to my wild world of creativity. 
 I am Terry J Walker, an artist living in Hawaii.
I grew up swimming, surfing, and playing
in this lush, tropical environment,
resulting in a deep sense of appreciation
and love for the beauty of nature.
I have always been creative,
sewing, doing arts and crafts, and now,
painting and designing surface patterns.

I am currently obsessed with painting ferns
and creating fabric designs inspired by
a kaleidoscope of colorful flowers and plants.
If you love being outside awed by nature's beauty
you are in the right place!
I believe surrounding yourself with beauty
 in your home, workplace and outdoors
creates an environment of everyday beautiful
and we all could use some of that!   

If you have a request, comment or question, I would love to hear from you.


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