I don't know why I am obsessed with painting ferns but something about their wild and free expression in nature sings to my soul!

Fern Forest 3'x3' sold

Light in Fern Forest 3'x3'

Fern Daydreams of Lava: Dawn 1.5'x2'

Fern Daydreams of Lava: Twilight 1.5'x2'

Fern Daydreams of Lava: Sunset 1.5'x2'

Fern Daydreams of Lava: Midnight 1.5'x2'

Night Ferns 1.5'x2'

Fern Tangle 3'x2' sold


Kapoho Fern Song 2'x3' 

This was painted as a tribute to all that was lost in Kapoho and Leilani Estates during the 2018 Leilani Eruption. The painting depicts the lava from Fissure 8 claiming the homes and warm ponds of Kapoho as it flows to the ocean. The writing around the lava ferns tell the story of my many Kapoho friends and our experiences.  

Blue Grass Red Vines 3'x3'

Floating Flowers 3'x3' 

Butterflies &Flowers 1.5'x2'

Flower Garden 3'x2' sold

Tropical Flowers 3'x2'


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