From the time I learned to sew I have loved the rich colors and patterns on fabric. Now, that I create my own pattern designs, my love for fabric has turned into a love affair!

Teal & Tangerine

Dark Green & Persimmon

Maroon & Forest

Burgundy & Pink

Leafy Greens & Cream

Tea & Daisies

Tea & Daisies: Sunny Green

Tea & Daisies: Shady Blue

Bromeliads & Ferns

Looking out my bedroom window, holding a steaming mug of tea, I gaze at the wild daisy bushes in riotous bloom. So tall they almost reach my second story window. So sturdy they are a haven for the red cardinals that live in them. Watching the daisies, and the birds dancing among the blossoms has become an early morning ritual and a wonderful way to start my day.  

Bromeliads grow in abundance in my neighborhood. My daily walks reveal fluorescent-colored flowers that look
other worldly, with spotted and striped leaves of all sizes. Kupukupu ferns, or sword ferns, surround these
exotic plants. Standing guard to their tropical beauty that continuously inspires my designs and paintings. 

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Summer Ferns & Flowers

Tea & Daisies

Bromeliads & Ferns

Hawaii Days

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